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Development Process

SV Creation, a recognized name in the industry is best known for reliability and credible services. Our attitude towards work is straight and forward. We believe, what we deliver is what we receive. With this concern, we choose to make our way to perfection and therefore, we keep complete honesty in the processes we execute. Our development process is implemented in the following way.

Requirement Gathering and Understanding

Our experts gather requirements from client and understand it thoroughly. We get back to the client in case of unclear requirement or any issues.


Once understanding phase has finished successfully, all the members who are selected to take part in the project sit together and discuss. In other words, proper planning takes place. During this phase, we decide which task should be allotted to whom. Every member gets the task as per his/her respective area of expertise.


The next important step includes design that covers the designing of the project we are going to develop.


This process involves programming work and organization of data. To manage and store data database is created. The design in previous process is used here to develop the application.


During implementation, we write necessary codes if required by using appropriate technology. This phase is done by core techies.

Review & Testing

Next, the project goes for review by peers and experts. Moreover, the entire thing we have done till now is thoroughly tested. If bugs or defects are traced during review or testing, they are fixed immediately and the process goes on until we receive an error-free product.

Delivery & Maintenance

Finally, we deliver a smoothly functioning product. We also stay with the client for the maintenance of the product.



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